[J3] Question about MOVE_ALLOC

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Thu Mar 9 20:27:22 UTC 2023

On 3/9/2023 2:45 PM, Van Snyder via J3 wrote:

> Are the FROM and TO arguments to MOVE_ALLOC allowed to be assumed-rank 
> arrays?
> If not, does this need an interp?
No and no.

 From 23-007:

C840 An 1 assumed-rank variable name shall not appear in a designator or 
expression except as an actual
2 argument that corresponds to a dummy argument that is assumed-rank, 
the argument of the function
3 C_LOC or C_SIZEOF from the intrinsic module ISO_C_BINDING (18.2), the 
first dummy argument
4 of an intrinsic inquiry function, or the selector of a SELECT RANK 
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