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> Someone in the NASA community recently reached out to me with a few
> questions about the standard and potential new features.   After disabusing
> him of the ones that seemed non starters, I’m left with 2 that I feel
> obligate to float with the committee.
> The first is a request to allow “^” as on operator.   The individual
> actually wanted to use it for numerical exponentiation, but I considered
> that to be a small benefit.

Hi Tom,

Will it be possible for you or your NASA colleague to poll online among the
Fortran practitioners such as Fortran Discourse and gauge their feedback on
the interest level toward the two items?

And also to open a thread at the GitHub Fortran proposals site with "J3" in
its title where other readers can leave their comments and suggestions?

It will be great if the compiler vendors here and those with considerable
experience with parsers for Fortran code can comment on the current  syntax
for unary-op and binary-op that has (BNF) it as limited to . letter [
letter ].. . form.  What other forms are viable as possible enhancements to
the language standard besides the current? e.g, .mult.  With assignment and
arithmetic operations, the common tokens are allowed.  Why not open up the
defined operations more broadly to symbol tokens allowed by the processor
character set?

Vipul Parekh
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