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As already noted, do while (.not. cond) is not equivalent to a repeat until, since it will not execute if .not. cond starts as F whereas a repeat until cond will execute at least once regardless of the initial value of the conditional.  Sometimes that behavior is desirable.

The equivalent would be like C++
while (cond)
To my knowledge, Fortran doesn’t support this  (?)

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Hi David,

EXIT and CYCLE definitely make DO WHILE unnecessary; no argument there.   But I have many cases where I consider DO WHILE(cond) to make the loop more intelligible to humans.  My guess is that there are far fewer cases where DO … UNTIL provides such additional clarity.


  *   Tom

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The DO block was introduced in F90.  As I remember the discussions, it was thought that DO ... END DO with EXIT and CYCLE made WHILE and UNTIL unnecessary.  However WHILE got added because other languages had it.


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