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> wrote:
> Every new intrinsic procedure inserts a new opportunity for conflict with
> existing codes.
> Do you have any evidence that codes are defining procedures named
> INTEGER() that take the same arguments as INT() or that any programmer has
> ever thought it was a good idea to name a procedure the same as a language
> intrinsic type?
> Fortran has no reserved names and yet somehow the language has managed to
> evolve without the world coming to an end. The possibility of theoretical
> problems isn’t a reason to refuse to solve real problems.

What conflict?  Isn't the INTRINSIC statement semantics in the standard to
help prevent a conflict?

      print *, "Block 1: using user's real"
      print *, real(42)
   end block
   print *
   blk2: block
      intrinsic :: real
      print *, "Block 2: using intrinsic real"
      print *, real(42)
   end block blk2
   function real( a ) result(r)
      integer, intent(in) :: a
      real :: r
      r = a + 1
   end function

* program response
 Block 1: using user's real

 Block 2: using intrinsic real

Vipul Parekh
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