[J3] Consistency in conversion functions

Brad Richardson everythingfunctional at protonmail.com
Tue Apr 4 19:25:17 UTC 2023

I'm sympathetic with the desire for consistency within the language, but this is not a thing that has ever really bothered me. I think there's other issues more worthy of our time.


On Tue, 2023-04-04 at 07:52 +0000, Jeff Hammond via J3 wrote:

> To convert INTEGER kinds, we use INT().
> To convert COMPLEX kinds, we use CMPLX().
> To convert REAL kinds, we use REAL().
> To convert LOGICAL kinds, we use LOGICAL().
> Does this bother anyone else?
> Are there technical or non-technical reasons why we bring consistency to this situation, by adding INTEGER() and COMPLEX() conversion intrinsics? I have found the need to use INT() surprising and annoying often enough to have a practical motivation to solve this, not just an aesthetic one.
> The only issue I see is that GNU has an extension COMPLEX() but I don’t see an incompatibility with CMPLX there, because the behavior of COMPLEX is a subset of CMPLX.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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