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James Himer james.himer at oracle.com
Tue Nov 29 23:10:04 UTC 2022

Hello Steve.

I'm still getting mail, but will be retiring from Oracle at the end of 
FY22 after 25-1/2 yrs
of Sun/Oracle service.  I also represented Exxon on J3 prior to 1996.

If you don't mind, please change my mailing address to: jthimer at telus.net

Clear Skies -- JTH

Oracle <http://www.oracle.com>
Jim Himer | Principal Member of Technical Staff
PSR Engineering | Oracle Public Cloud
Phone: (403) 254-1966
Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help 
protect the environment

On 11/9/22 09:03, Steve Lionel via J3 wrote:
> Some of you may have received an unsubscribe notice from the 
> j3-members at j3-fortran.org email list. This is a little-used list that 
> contains ONLY J3 members (includes alternates and emeritus.) I had not 
> been maintaining this list for a while, and today I synchronized it 
> with the INCITS roster. What happened for some current members is that 
> their email addresses were different from what was on the list, so the 
> old one got unsubscribed and the new one subscribed. That triggered a 
> notice from the list. (I'm not sure if it also sent a subscribe notice.)
> A few of you have contacted me with questions about this, so I figured 
> it was best that I explain - I should have done so in advance - apologies.
> Steve
> P.S. There is an even lesser-used j3-ustag list whose membership I 
> have not yet updated...
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