[J3] Can a procedure pointer have character(*) result type?

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Tue Nov 29 21:46:15 UTC 2022

On Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 3:40 PM Brad Richardson via J3 <
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> Vipul,
> Your example without pointer worked fine with NAG, but I get an internal
> compiler error (ICE) when you add it back in. ..
> Error: example.f90, line 4: Argument PROC (number 1) of SUB is a procedure
> pointer but actual argument FOO is just a procedure
> Obsolescent: example.f90, line 12: Assumed-length CHARACTER function
> Obsolescent: example.f90, line 19: Assumed-length CHARACTER function
> [NAG Fortran Compiler error termination, 1 error, 2 warnings]
> So I'm still of the opinion that the declaration in question is valid, but
> that it can't be used in a standard conforming way. ..

Thanks Brad.

It appears the NAG compiler might be looking for the following main program?

 ! File p.f90
   character(2) :: cc
   character(4), external :: foo
      subroutine sub(proc, arg)
         character(*) :: arg
         character(*), external, pointer :: proc
   end interface
   abstract interface
      function Ifoo(arg) result(foo)
         character(4) :: foo, arg
      end function
   end interface
   procedure(Ifoo), pointer :: proc
   proc => foo
   cc = "ab"
   call sub(proc, cc)

! File sub.f90
subroutine sub(proc, arg)
   character(*) :: arg
   character(*), external, pointer :: proc
   print *, proc(arg)

! File foo.f90
function foo(arg)
   character(*) :: foo, arg
   foo = arg // "cd"
end function

This variant with the character(len=4) trick in the interface similar to
character(len=4) declaration in the EXTERNAL statement works with Intel
Fortran and it gives 'abcd' as the program output.  Not sure if the program
conforms though it seems ok to me.

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