[J3] Survey for Approximate Attendee Count for February J3 Meeting at Berkeley Lab

Katherine Rasmussen krasmussen at lbl.gov
Mon Nov 7 23:53:21 UTC 2022

Hello all,
     For internal Berkeley Lab planning purposes, we need an approximate
count of how many people (and from which institutions) plan to attend
in-person the J3 Meeting at Berkeley Lab from February 20 - February 24.
Attached to this email is a preliminary local arrangements document that
may be helpful when deciding about attending this meeting.

*If you plan to attend the meeting in-person, please fill out the following
form by Friday, November 11.*https://forms.gle/vSFNwsDyc4a9rskp6

You may also fill out the form if you plan to attend virtually or if you do
not plan to attend at all and if you have questions or comments you would
like to write-in. Please note, any decision about attending reported on
this form is not final. We will send out another form closer to the meeting
date where we will inquire who is attending so we can get a final list of
attendees for the purposes of granting site access to these individuals.

Thank you all for your time,
     Kate Rasmussen
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