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> A specification function is what you are looking for here. However, such a
> function must be pure, and so the final subroutine must be pure, and
> therefore cannot set a global variable or print a message, so it can be
> hard to tell whether it ran. If your compiler supports memory allocation
> tracing, you can use pointer components to observe that yes, the final
> subroutine does get executed (unless the compiler has a bug!). Or if the
> compiler does not support memory allocation tracing, you could allocate a
> 500MB array component in the function (and deallocate it in the finaliser!)
> and run it a million times to check that you don't run out of virtual
> memory (or you are on a 500TB machine).

Starting Fortran 2018, one can employ the ERROR STOP statement as a way to
determine whether the final procedure was invoked.

The example I showed in my previous note in this thread indeed makes use of
this facility.

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