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> ..
> We attempted to test this doing something like the following:
> ..
> So the question then is:
> Is there any possible function that could be used in a specification
> expression, that would return a type that has a final subroutine?
> ..
> What do you all think?

My simple-minded thought is why seek a function  "that would return a type
that has a final subroutine?"

Can not a simple specification function suffice if the purpose is to test
the semantics stated by Section, paragraph 6?

Can not something like the following help test standard conformance of
compilers, if that is the goal?
module m
   type :: t
      integer :: n = 42
      final :: final_t
   end type
   elemental subroutine final_t( this )
      type(t), intent(inout) :: this
      this%n = 42
      error stop "from final_t"
   end subroutine
   elemental function tlen( x ) result(r)
      integer, intent(in) :: x
      integer :: r
      type(t) :: a
      r = a%n + x
   end function
   subroutine sub()
      character(len=tlen(1)) :: s
   end subroutine
end module
   use m
   call sub()

Of the 3 compilers I tried, only one gave my expected output:
from final_t

Vipul Parekh
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