[J3] Finalization Question

Brad Richardson everythingfunctional at protonmail.com
Thu May 26 18:45:56 UTC 2022

Hi All,

Recently we were attempting to write a suite of tests to check
compilers for conformance to the standard with regards to finalization.
In Section, paragraph 6 states:

If a specification expression in a scoping unit references a function,
the result is finalized before execution of the executable constructs
in the scoping unit.

We attempted to test this doing something like the following:

subroutine finalize_specification_expression
  character(len=size([object_t()])) :: string
end subroutine

No compiler we tried executed the final subroutine of object_t (some
couldn't even compile that statement). We submitted a bug report to one
compiler team, and received a response that:

A structure constructor is not a function reference, so this does not


Structure constructors and array constructors are never finalised.
There is no explicit rule stating this, it is a consequence of the
standard never saying that they are finalised.

So the question then is:

Is there any possible function that could be used in a specification
expression, that would return a type that has a final subroutine?

I'm leaning towards no there isn't. The only place I believe a
specification expression appears is in a type-spec (maybe in an
attribute of a declaration?), which, as the standard does say, means it
is a constant expression. Since only certain intrinsic functions can
appear in constant expressions, I'm failing to see how this paragraph
could ever apply.

What do you all think?

Brad Richardson

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