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Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Tue May 10 02:39:06 UTC 2022


A type name can name a local entity that might seem to be
subject to the new constraint.  However, I do not think that
a derived type is "of a type" (it is a type), and therefore,
is not subject to the constraint.  I find that to be a slender



A derived type name does not itself have a type, any more than the name of a module (that might contain type definitions that contain data components) has a type. In my opinion this is not a weak or slender reed.


> A named local or construct data entity


Apart from having ambiguous grammar, there is also no such thing as a “construct data entity”.


> be of a {declared} type


We never say “of a declared type”, as the “declared” part goes with the entity, not with the type.


Making such changes to the edit would change my vote to “N”.



Specifically, it might be read as banning
type names that name derived types that include default
initializations of pointer components to targets.



I disagree, but in any case, how exactly do you envisage such a type name being used unproblematically within a pure procedure (and without creating any local entity or construct entity of such a type)?




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.

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