[J3] BIND(F)?

Thomas König tk at tkoenig.net
Mon Jun 27 20:31:22 UTC 2022

On 27.06.22 21:12, Jeff Hammond wrote:
> Do I understand you correctly that needing to change ABI would cause the 
> end of gfortran?

Not only the ABI, but also the whole library.  Just consider I/O - that
would just have to work if the main program written in, let's say,
ifort, writes out something with ADVANCE="no" and the called library
writes the rest of the record.

So yes, I would say that writing a new library from scratch for
gfortran would not be feasible.

However, if you think that this is easy, please feel free to rip out
whatever you have in flang and replace it with a gfortran - compatible
library.  The interface isn't copyrighted (or copylefted, for that

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