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Mon Jun 27 19:12:27 UTC 2022

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On 27.06.22 15:42, Jeff Hammond via J3 wrote:

> Lots of users would appreciate well-defined, interoperable Fortran calling conventions without using modules.

But which one to choose?

It doesn’t matter as long as it is consistent.  Breaking ABI once to
achieve consistency is vastly superior to having N different ABIs forever.

That would effectively force a single library on all existing
compilers, and an effective rewrite for most compilers.

At least for the compiler that I am familiar with, that would
not be practical, and would probably force a termination of
the project.

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Do I understand you correctly that needing to change ABI would cause the end of gfortran? And that you make this claim unconditionally, without considering the yet to be determined changes that we might specify in the course of trying to solve this problem?


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