[J3] Question on TINY example

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Hi Vipul,


The description is correct. It follows from the model in 16.4. That model has 1/radix <= mantissa <1. So the minimum number is radix**(emin-1) QED. (This is not how IEEE-754 describe themselves, they have 1<=mantissa<radix.)


To all: these descriptions were written back in Fortran 90 days by numerical experts. That does not mean that they always got it right, but you should think twice, thrice, and then again before assuming that they are wrong.




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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A paper would be appreciated.




Per Steve's note, do you (and the Nvidia team) plan to submit a paper on this?  That will be useful.


More than the example with TINY (and also with HUGE any other involving the "model" in the Note), I am concerned about the description itself.


You will note for TINY, the standard text has for Result Value, "The result has the value b (to the power of ) emin−1 ..".


Should it not be b (to the power of) emin?  The edit to the example can then follow what is consistent with the description of the Result Value.



Vipul Parekh


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