[J3] Reminder: Call for USNB Position/Comments - CD 1539-1 due Feb 1

Brian Friesen bfriesen at lbl.gov
Mon Jan 31 18:32:16 UTC 2022

Hi everyone,

a reminder that the INCITS call for positions regarding whether to
approve the F202X CD as a DIS is due tomorrow (Feb 1). According to my
records, the USNB members who have not responded with a position are
  - Corbett
  - HPE
  - LLNL
  - US Dept of Energy

As of today, a majority of members have already responded with
"Approval," so the USNB majority position will be "Approval" or
"Approval with comments." (So far, nobody has responded with any
comments.) The majority position is used to write the language for the
INCITS letter ballot regarding approving the CD as a DIS. The LB I
think will be issued on Feb 2, the day after the call for positions


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