[J3] ballot #38

Gary Klimowicz gak at dancingbear.dev
Mon Jan 31 18:09:47 UTC 2022

Here is my vote on ballot #38.

Gary Klimowicz

Yes  No   Number    Title

---  -N-  F18/025  Is component initialization an attribute?
-Y-  ---  F18/033  E/EN/ES/D output exponent when w=0
-Y-  ---  F18/034  Purity of IEEE_GET_FLAG and IEEE_GET_HALTING_MODE

F18/025 N

(1) I find Bob Corbett's comments compelling.

(2) From my experience with other languages with duck typing, type
equivalence for generic resolution is based on the set of components and
values that objects of the type can take on. It is not based on how they
obtain those values. Component initialization is about the latter, not
the former.

As Bob says in an email separate from his ballot, if this is an
attribute, it feels like a wholly different kind of attribute.
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