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> Hi,
> "Entity" is used in several definitions in "Terms and Definitions"
> and also in other places, but I didn't find in the standard.
> I would assume that "entities" refers to variables, constants and
> anything else that can hold data, but maybe it is something that
> could be more clearly defined. ..

Project Editor can best provide input on this.

Here's a layperson's understanding, if that might be of any help (!):
"entity" by itself in the Fortran standard can be any particular thing that
can be contrasted by its characteristics.. But "entity" is too generic a
term closer perhaps in its intended meaning to ordinary usage to be defined.

You will notice though the standard instead provides definitions for
distinct types of entities: for example on pg 8 of 22-007r1 document toward
Fortran 2023 CD:

19 3.45
20 data entity
21 data object, result of the evaluation of an expression, or the result of
the execution of a function reference

Maybe "data entity" definition is what you are seeking?  Starting with
"associating entity" in the alphabetical order of terms and definitions,
you will find other listings that may be of interest.

Vipul Parekh
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