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Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Wed Aug 10 14:39:29 UTC 2022

See following note from Malcolm. I'm waiting to submit the DIS until 
Bill Ash returns next week and submits Corrigendum 2. Feel free to look 
over Malcolm's Editor's Report and the draft in the Meeting Files/Edit 
section of the J3 website (login required.)


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Subject: 	N2204-1 is available
Date: 	Mon, 8 Aug 2022 15:04:17 +0900
From: 	Malcolm Cohen <malcolm at nag-j.co.jp>
To: 	Steve Lionel <steve at stevelionel.com>

Hi Steve,

I have completed the draft of the DIS, it is N2204-1.pdf in the Edit 
folder of Meeting Files.

I made a number of extra edits in the process. Attached is my draft 
Editor’s Report, which I will make a J3 paper in due course.

Do you plan on having anyone review it before submitting it to SC22?



..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.
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To: J3
From: Malcolm Cohen
Subject: Editor's report for DIS-1539 production
Date: Whenever

1. Introduction

This is the editor's report for production of the Fortran 2023 DIS,
also known as 22-007r2.

2. Papers passed in numeric order

This is a list of papers with edits that were passed by meeting 227.


3. Processing of papers in order of passing

Initial changes.
    Changed title, enabled DIS format, not FDIS format.

COMMENT: The item
            "the ordering between records written by different iterations
             of a DO CONCURRENT..."
         has as reference "11.1.7 DO construct", whereas the item about
         reductions has as reference " Additional semantics for
         DO CONCURRENT constructs": perhaps these should be the same.



NOTE TO EDITOR: "]..." occurs 7 times, "] ..." occurs 36 times,
                it would be better if these were consistent.




COMMENT Succeeded in hyperlinking "10.1.11" to the extra requirements
        paragraph, but it would be even better if it instead said
        "10.1.11 paragraph 9".







DIFFERENT Instead of adjusting the indentation of the following line, I
          joined it to the previous line - the shorter function name meant
          that it was no longer too long for one line.

DIFFERENT "the specific" -> "these specific",
          delete stray right parenthesis near the end.

EXTRA: Hyperlinked CFI_establish, CFI_section, CFI_setpointer,
       throughout Annex C.
EXTRA: Near the end of C.13.11 Changing the attributes of an array,
       "value 0" -> "value zero".



EXTRA EDIT "of an associating" -> "or be an associating"
          {Plain "of an associating" does not make sense.}

EXTRA indexed "established" (as "established coarray" and
       "coarray|established") in IMAGE_INDEX.

COMMENT If TEAM_NUMBER appears and the current team is the initial team,
        COARRAY does not have to be established. Is that deliberate? What
        about an unallocated allocatable, or an allocatable that is only
        established in one or more subteams? Obviously an unallocated
        allocatable does not make sense, but it does not appear to be ruled
        out. And only established in a subteam looks problematic.







DIFFERENT Added reference "(9.2 Variable)" following variable.
          Hyperlinked component and variable.

DIFFERENT "but not components" -> "but not by type components"
          (to remove any confusion about structure components,
           which can be variables).


4. Other changes to the draft standard.

(a) Set to DIS mode.

(b) Changed document number.

(c) Applied Corrigendum 2.

Changes to the Introduction applied to C.1, which is where it went.
Except that one of the bullet points (which was being edited) was missing
all of its content - restored that.

DIFFERENT [181:22-24] F18/037
     "ultimate allocatable component" -> "allocatable ultimate component".

DIFFERENT [473:27] F18/026
     "of" -> "data entity with".
{Don't accidentally allow C_SIZEOF of procedures.}

DIFFERENT [491:31] F18/024
    Inserted comma after "dim".

DIFFERENT [543:42-545:17] F18/015
    Reworded some comments to make it fit better.

(d) Overfull hboxes reported by LaTeX

- reported for "frontmatter", but I see nothing that needs attention.
- item (2), the hyphen for processor-dependent protrudes slightly
  into the margin; this is not a big problem, and fixing it would almost
  certainly look worse than it is now.
- 8.2 NOTE 1, 2nd last line is close to the box edge - not really visible.
-, SIGN= sticks well out into the right margin. Fixed.
- 18.2.2p2 hyphenation stuck out into the right margin, unhyphenated and
  manually linebroke to avoid.
- Table 18.2, C_SIGNED_CHAR entry, false report because internal parbox
  unnecessarily large - reduced.
- 18.3.7p2 item 5 first bullet, comma sticks 1.1pt into the right margin,
  not really visible, so ignoring.
- NOTE 3, two comments almost touch the right margin box line:
  removed a space between the comments are the code (there were 2+ spaces
  everywhere here, now 1+).
= that's it.

(e) Widow/orphan removal unremarked, apart from below.

- NOTE 2 poorly broken. I could not get more than one extra line on
  the first page, which is not really enough, so I pushed the whole NOTE
  onto the next page instead.
  Also, added "and" to fix the grammar in the sentence.
- NOTE 1 reset with the examples indented, and the explanation at
  the end in text not a Fortran comment, and
     "named real constant" -> "named constant of type real"
     ("or integer" would be okay except the constant is called PI).
- 17.11.7 and 17.11.21 Spurious internal paragraph number in Result Value,
- 17.11.38, Example, "single precision" -> "binary32" (that's what it has
  been called for some time now, there is no such thing as "IEEE single
NOTE Annex C has the new features of F2018, but only those new features of
     F2008 that were initially unlisted in the Introduction. It might be
     better to list all the new features of each standard here (starting
     from F2008, as we never made a proper list for F2003).
COMMENT: C.9.2 has paragraph numbers within the examples, for Result and
         Explanation. This seems less than useful.
- C.13.9 deleted some blank lines in the C function, to fit on one page.
- C.13.12 deleted some more blanks lines in an example to make it easier
          to fit on a page.
          Changed the non-portable "putc(10,stdout)" to "putc('\n',stdout)"


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