[J3] Go adds generics

Ondřej Čertík ondrej at certik.us
Tue Apr 19 01:04:54 UTC 2022

Hi Bob,

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022, at 6:24 PM, Robert Corbett via J3 wrote:
> The latest release (1.18) of the Go Programming Language has added 
> generics to the language.  The proposal for generics in Go was issued 
> last year.  Tutorials and specifications are available on the golang 
> website.
> I am still waiting for the release of Go 2.

There is a recent blog post about when to use generics in go:


Interesting is their paragraph "For type parameters, prefer functions to methods", which was our discussion at the last J3 meeting also (whether to allow type-bound procedures, i.e., methods), it seems the direction was to not allow type-bound procedures at least for now. Consistent with Go, so I was happy to read that.

Also, as a reminder, here is our document that compares various languages an an example with generics, Go is the first one:



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