[J3] [EXTERNAL] [SC22WG5.6358] WG5 draft resolutions

Clune, Thomas L. (GSFC-6101) thomas.l.clune at nasa.gov
Wed Jun 30 18:55:37 UTC 2021

OK -  after further reflection, I'm fine with that word.  Just  cautious of taking on too much responsibility ...
(Besides - I had to prove that I actually read the document!)


- Tom

On 6/30/21, 2:53 PM, "David Muxworthy" <d.muxworthy at icloud.com> wrote:

    Hi Tom,

    > for resolution V4,   is "subgroup" really the right term here?

    Maybe not.  What was meant was to identify one or more individuals
    (or maybe none) who were willing to contribute as required on a
    part-time basis.

    That could be a subgroup but if you know a better word ...


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