[J3] [SC22WG5.6357] Conditional expressions poll results

Milan Curcic caomaco at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 20:53:16 UTC 2021

Hi J3 & WG5,

Here are the results of the Discourse poll about F202X Conditional


Summary follows:


* *82* people voted
* *98* total votes were cast'


The keyword form: *46%*
Other: Do not add this feature, or, pursue alternative forms: *43%*
The arrow (->) form: *24%*
The ? form: *4%*


* No single proposed syntax received the majority vote in this poll
* Of the three syntaxes proposed between 21-157 and 21-159, the keyword
form received most support (46%) and the ? form the least (4%). The arrow
(->, 21-159) received moderate support
* Significant fraction of votes (43%) requested not adding this feature,
or, pursuing alternative syntaxes
* Among the alternative syntaxes proposed in the comments, majority
expressed preference for an intrinsic function form like ifthen or extended
merge (paper 21-165).
* More polls like this are needed to inform the committees on the community

I look forward to the discussions today.

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