[J3] [SC22WG5.6353] my early leaving

TAKATA Masayuki takata at edogawa-u.ac.jp
Thu Jun 24 02:43:10 UTC 2021


Sorry I suddenly left, without giving any explanation.

I have a Thursday morning class beginning at 9am, i.e. on the same moment
the meeting is over.   Leaving early was no harm to me, but I must admit
that it was not a nice attitude.   I apologise.

The same thing will happen on our last day.

Kind regards,

Takata, Masayuki: Professor
Edogawa University, 474 Komaki, Nagareyama, Chiba 270-0198 Japan
phone: +81-4-7152-9957(direct)  fax: +81-4-7154-2490(shared)
email: takata at edogawa-u.ac.jp

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