[J3] Subgroup teleconference meetings for m224

Brian Friesen bfriesen at lbl.gov
Mon Jun 21 04:42:05 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

PL22.3 meeting 224 begins Monday, held jointly with WG5.

A complication encountered at meeting 223 was arranging teleconference
meetings for subgroups. I can provide two Zoom meetings for subgroups
to use. One is "hostless" - participants may come and go at any time.
The second is more limited - it requires the host to be present, and
requires manual admission of each participant; no new participants can
join this meeting while the host is away from the computer (which will
be the case outside of daylight hours in US/Pacific UTC-7).

Both of these meetings support "breakout rooms"
which enable multiple subgroups to meet simultaneously, although
possibly requiring some manual intervention from the host.

If anyone else can host/donate a telecon meeting (Zoom, Teams, etc.)
for subgroups to use during m224, that would be helpful; we may
benefit from having more than just the two described above.

As a reminder, please do not share any teleconference connection
information in this mailing list; rather, please provide it in the
discussion board (https://j3-fortran.org/forum/index.php).

We can discuss this in more detail at plenary.

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