[J3] (SC22WG5.6317) June 2021 meeting

Nathan Sircombe Nathan.Sircombe at arm.com
Mon Jan 4 21:02:37 UTC 2021


Happy New Year everybody!

Naturally I’m very disappointed that we won’t be able to welcome everyone to Manchester this summer, but under the circumstances moving to a virtual meeting is really for the best. Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to host a future meeting when the WG5 heads outside the US again.

I wonder if it’s worth considering spreading the meeting out further – perhaps aiming for a few days a week on two consecutive weeks? This approach has worked well for some of our Arm internal events.

As I think various people identified in discussions in the run up to last summer’s abandoned WG5, it’s going to be much harder to extract ourselves from the ‘day job’ now (maybe this will never be the same again! Now that everyone is used to their closest co-workers being remote-workers), but potentially more challenging with contributing to the WG5 from home will be accommodating domestic life at the same time. Lowering the ‘density’ of the WG5 meeting further might help minimise the impact on work & home life.


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Steve Lionel via J3 wrote:
> Well, we made it through 2020, though, sadly, almost two million
> around the globe didn't due to the coronavirus. Here's hoping that
> things start to improve in 2021.
> Unfortunately, it seems that the world situation won't improve enough
> for us to still hold the 2021 WG5 meeting in Manchester, England, as
> planned. I've discussed this with Nathan (remember that Arm was to be
> the host for this meeting) and he agrees that assuming everyone will
> be able to travel to the UK for June is unreasonable. ISO rules
> require 16 week notice for meetings, which is almost upon us.
> Therefore, I have decided that the 2021 meeting will be virtual, held
> over Zoom. J3 did this for the October 2020 meeting and it worked
> remarkably well - J3 will be doing it again for February.
> WG5, though, poses a higher obstacle regarding time zones. The October
> meeting went from 1700-2000 Eastern time, which was 0600-0900 (the
> next day) for Malcolm in Tokyo, and 2100-0000 for the couple of UK
> folk who joined. If we picked the same times, that would be even an
> hour later for Germany. The October J3 meeting was held over three
> days (Monday-Wednesday), and we ran out of time. A poll I ran in the
> J3 forum had four days of three hours each as the most popular option.
> I welcome comments, especially from UK/Europe members, on timing.

Acually, it was 2200-0100 for the UK, but it was as OK. A bit of virtual
jet lag, but not as much as from the real thing for a meeting in the US.
We did have an HPC subgroup meeting at a decent time for me and everyone
else� involved (no-one from Japan) -- we could do this again.

Happy New Year to you all. My good news is that I have been given the
Pfizer vaccine.


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