[J3] (SC22WG5.6317) June 2021 meeting

John Reid John.Reid at stfc.ac.uk
Sat Jan 2 15:02:07 UTC 2021

Steve Lionel via J3 wrote:
> Well, we made it through 2020, though, sadly, almost two million 
> around the globe didn't due to the coronavirus. Here's hoping that 
> things start to improve in 2021.
> Unfortunately, it seems that the world situation won't improve enough 
> for us to still hold the 2021 WG5 meeting in Manchester, England, as 
> planned. I've discussed this with Nathan (remember that Arm was to be 
> the host for this meeting) and he agrees that assuming everyone will 
> be able to travel to the UK for June is unreasonable. ISO rules 
> require 16 week notice for meetings, which is almost upon us. 
> Therefore, I have decided that the 2021 meeting will be virtual, held 
> over Zoom. J3 did this for the October 2020 meeting and it worked 
> remarkably well - J3 will be doing it again for February.
> WG5, though, poses a higher obstacle regarding time zones. The October 
> meeting went from 1700-2000 Eastern time, which was 0600-0900 (the 
> next day) for Malcolm in Tokyo, and 2100-0000 for the couple of UK 
> folk who joined. If we picked the same times, that would be even an 
> hour later for Germany. The October J3 meeting was held over three 
> days (Monday-Wednesday), and we ran out of time. A poll I ran in the 
> J3 forum had four days of three hours each as the most popular option. 
> I welcome comments, especially from UK/Europe members, on timing.

Acually, it was 2200-0100 for the UK, but it was as OK. A bit of virtual 
jet lag, but not as much as from the real thing for a meeting in the US. 
We did have an HPC subgroup meeting at a decent time for me and everyone 
else  involved (no-one from Japan) -- we could do this again.

Happy New Year to you all. My good news is that I have been given the 
Pfizer vaccine.


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