[J3] (SC22WG5.6288) WG5 letter ballot 1 on Fortran 2018 interpretations

Steidel, Jon L jon.l.steidel at intel.com
Fri Oct 23 17:42:37 EDT 2020

The following Fortran 2018 interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No Number   Title
-Y- --- F18/001  ACOSH principal value specification is wrong
-Y- --- F18/002  Internal procedures in generic interface blocks
-Y- --- F18/003  Pointer association of component of non-definable selector
-Y- --- F18/004  Program execution sequence with failed images
-Y- --- F18/005  Does INPUT_UNIT really identify the same unit as *?
-Y- --- F18/006  Connection of INPUT_UNIT on different images
-Y- --- F18/008  Contradictory assumed-rank requirements
-Y- --- F18/009  Bad examples in IEEE_ARITHMETIC functions
-Y- --- F18/010  Categories of pure procedures
-Y- --- F18/011  Categories of elemental procedures
-Y- --- F18/012  Internal procedure in a generic interface
-Y- --- F18/013  TEAM_NUMBER arguments and intrinsic function are ambiguous
-Y- --- F18/014  Type of OPERATION arguments to the REDUCE intrinsic
--- -N- F18/015  Example in C.6.8 is wrong
-Y- --- F18/016  Host association changes in Fortran 2018
-Y- --- F18/017  Final subroutine invocation order
-Y- --- F18/018  Public namelist and private variable


F08/015: The example still has flaws, which the HPC subgroup is actively working on.  
                  We should complete this work before passing the interpretation and applying
                   edits that are not correct.

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