[J3] Generics for Go

Ondřej Čertík ondrej at certik.us
Sat Oct 17 19:29:41 EDT 2020

Hi Bob and Vipul,

On Sat, Oct 17, 2020, at 9:47 AM, Robert Corbett via J3 wrote:
> I have been studying the
> programming language Go
> for a few years now.  I read
> the news section on the
> golang website this morning.
> I learned that some people
> are again trying to add generics
> to the language.  There was
> a previous effort to do so, but
> apparently it was too ambitious.

Thanks for the link. I read it and my understanding of it is that they are doing  templates + strong concepts (using C++ terminology), which we have determined in the Generics subgroup is the way to go. The Go proposal shows on an example how it differs from C++ templates.

They specifically show that the constraint causes the compiler to check both the user code (instantiation) and the library code (generics code). That's called the strong concept in C++.

Is anybody interested in having a video call next week to make some more progress on generics?

Here is our current status:



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