[J3] intrinsic procedures and assumed-rank

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Thu Oct 15 19:54:19 EDT 2020

On 10/15/2020 7:25 PM, Clune, Thomas L. (GSFC-6101) via J3 wrote:
> There almost certainly was a discussion of this at some point in the past,   but I am seeing that while SHAPE(), SIZE(), UBOUND(), etc,  can be used with an assumed-rank array,  other things like MAXVAL() and MAXLOC() can not.    I do not immediately see any reason why those could not be similarly extended, except maybe handling the case with MASK present would induce some (small) overhead?
> Could this be changed in F202x or more likely F202y?
As I see it, SHAPE, SIZE, UBOUND, etc. all return a scalar or a rank-1 
array, no matter the rank of the argument. MAXVAL, etc., return a result 
whose rank is one less than the rank of the ARRAY argument, which means 
for assumed rank that the rank of the result is unknown at compile-time. 
Remember that you can't do much with an assumed rank dummy outside of a 
SELECT RANK construct.


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