[J3] Pure Procedures in 20-007

Shterenlikht, Anton anton.shterenlikht at hpe.com
Wed Oct 14 16:53:21 EDT 2020

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> Hi,
> In 20-007 on 15.7 Pure Procedures, second bullet says "a pure intrinsic procedure (16.1)"
> But 16.1 first para does not have "pure" as one of the eight classes. It has "simple" instead.
> Furthermore, in "15.8 Simple procedures", first bullet says "an intrinsic procedure (16.1), if it is specified to be simple"
> To be perfectly consistent, should the second bullet on 15.7 Pure Procedure also says the same thing?

yes, at first glance seems inconsistent.

I also don't understand what parens achieve in [337:4]:

	"and (impure) subroutines."

why not just say "and impure subroutines"?


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