[J3] UTI 13 and 14

William Clodius w.clodius at icloud.com
Fri Oct 9 14:39:54 EDT 2020

As near as I can tell UTI-13 and 14 appear b because of the constraint mentioned in Note 2, "if the data-ref has an assumed type parameter, the entities declared have the same values for that type parameter as data-ref, they are not assumed (even if they are dummy arguments).” Now the explicit constraints on TYPEOF and CLASSOF are C709-712. My interpretation of those constraints is that they would allow the entities to have assumed parameters that need not be the same as data-ref. I find no other text outside the note and constraints affecting the interpretation of TYPEOF and CLASSOF. If I am right Note 2 is not just informative, but also has technical impact, which I thought was not allowed. Am I not interpreting C709-C712 correctly? Have I missed some additional text? Is a note allowed to have technical impact? Should there be an additional text outside the Note giving the interpretation currently specified by Note 2?

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