[J3] More on the virtual J3 meeting

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Fri Oct 9 11:18:22 EDT 2020

I've been asked if subgroups can have their own meetings in between 
plenary time - yes, of course. Subgroup heads are welcome to arrange 
online meetings using the conferencing tool of their choice. Zoom has 
free 40-minute meetings, Microsoft, Google and others also offer free 
meetings - all with various limits.

During the plenary meetings, please have the Participants and Chat panes 
open. We'll use the "Raise Hand" feature in Participants to request time 
to speak, and also for straw votes - be sure to "Lower Hand" when done. 
We'll also have at least one break during each session.

Thanks to all who have been collaborating on papers in the J3 discussion 
board. There are now quite a few papers uploaded to the server. Subgroup 
heads, please decide which papers will be for vote on Monday and mark 
them "Vote" on the J3 site. Everyone should read the papers in advance 
and be ready to discuss/vote.


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