[J3] New working document 20-007

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I encourage you to check the WG5 ballot on Interpretations, which is currently underway.




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Hi folks,


There is a new working document available, 20-007.pdf

Please update any edits you are working on to use the new document, not 18-007r1.

(The latter is still active but only for Interpretation processing.)


Hi Malcolm,


Thank you for your tremendous efforts toward the new working document.


When you have some time, can you please comment on whether the typo with IEEE_VALUE function reference in examples in section 17.11.17, 17.11.19, 17.11.24, etc. have already been addressed?  I couldn't find any requests or papers on this.  As you know, IEEE_VALUE has 2 nonoptional dummy arguments of X and CLASS but these examples show IEEE_VALUE with only one actual argument.


Example. The value of IEEE_MAX_NUM (1.5, IEEE_VALUE (IEEE_QUIET_NAN)) is 1.5.


16 17.11.62 IEEE_VALUE (X, CLASS)
17 1 Description. Return number in a class.




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