[J3] M222 approaches

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Sun Oct 4 19:04:09 EDT 2020

Hi folks,

It's now just one week until we have our first-ever virtual J3 meeting, 
and I want to remind everyone of what to expect. The meeting will be 
held over Zoom. If you don't already have the Zoom client (there is also 
a phone/tablet app), go to https://zoom.us/download and download Client 
for Meetings (the phone apps are also listed there). You do not need to 
create a Zoom account, but it's helpful if you use it regularly. With a 
login you can also create a profile with your preferred name and a photo 
(used when no video.)  Test your audio connections in advance.

We will not be using video, just audio. I recommend using a headset, 
especially if using a laptop, unless you know that your setup doesn't 
generate feedback. Try to keep the speaker level low to reduce feedback 
possibility. Some USB webcams are good at eliminating feedback, if you 
have one. You can also join by telephone - unfortunately there is no 
mute/unmute option this way. - use your phone's mute feature if it has one.

When you join, the controls such as mute/unmute appear when you mouse 
into the window. Please stay muted unless you are speaking. You can 
temporarily unmute by pressing the space bar.

After joining, open the Participants and Chat tabs. If you want to 
speak, use the "Raise Hand" button in the Participants tab - the Chair 
will recognize you in turn. Be sure to "Lower Hand" when you are done 

Connection details are in 

Plenary starts at 5PM ET each day - but please join five minutes early. 
The meeting will be recorded for the benefit of the Secretary. Lorri 
will be acting as Chair for the meeting.


Thanks to those of you who have been participating in the discussions of 
work items and UTIs in the J3 discussion board. Some of the UTIs have 
draft papers available in the Meeting Files section - if you have not 
already looked them over, please do so and comment, so the authors can 
turn them into regular papers. UTIs 5-8 still need someone to write 
papers for. We also have seven work items left to complete - it would be 
great if we could knock off a few of these at this meeting.  Some 
discussion has taken place - if you are not yet part of the 
conversation, please join in. Remember that we won't have traditional 
"subgroup time", though I expect some papers could be written before 
Plenary starts each day.


Lastly, the deadline for applying for the position of J3 Chair, 
unexpectedly vacated by Dan, is October 17. Details on how to apply are 
Ondrej has announced that he has applied - if anyone else is interested 
they should gather and submit the required documents before the 17th. 
The role of J3 Chair is largely managerial - coordinating and running 
the meetings, representing J3 to INCITS and ISO, and (in better times) 
helping to arrange venues for physical meetings.


I am sure I have left out something - if you have any questions, please 
let me know. This virtual J3 is new to us - let's make it work, and get 
F202X out on time.


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