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Hi Ondrej,

Best of luck! I think this would make us a much more effective and welcoming committee, and Fortran even better for our user community. You have a proven track record for bringing people into Standards work (myself among them) and making it as easy as possible for Fortran stakeholders' voices to be heard, produce papers, and contribute. It would be great to have you as J3 Chair.



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I would like to let you know that I applied for the J3 Chair position. A platform is not needed, but I wrote one up to make it transparent what I would like to achieve and why I decided to run:


It is similar to the platform I wrote up for my WG5 run, but written from a perspective of what I think a J3 Chair can do to address the issues by working with the J3 Committee and also closely with the WG5 Convenor.

I would be happy to discuss any details of the platform with anybody, please feel free to contact me (email, phone, video call, etc.) to talk privately, or we can discuss here publicly. I will also be contacting every member of the J3 committee to provide a venue for discussion.

Looking forward,
Ondrej Certik
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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