[J3] All face to face INCITS or US-hosted ISO meetings cancelled for the rest of 2020

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash brycelelbach at gmail.com
Thu May 21 01:55:49 EDT 2020

Hello Fortran folks,

INCITS has cancelled all face to face meetings of INCITS committees and US
hosted ISO meetings for the rest of the year. Just wanted to give y'all a
heads up as I didn't see a post to your mailing lists about this yet.

P.S. I suspect it would be prudent to ensure that any US meeting plans for
early 2021 to consider contingencies; for example, deferring non-refundable
expenses for as long as possible.

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash
US Programming Language Standards (PL22) Chair
ISO C++ Library Evolution Chair
CppCon and C++Now Program Chair
CUDA Core C++ Libraries (Thrust, CUB, libcu++) Lead @ NVIDIA

*From:* Lynn Barra <lbarra at itic.org>
*Sent:* Wednesday, May 20, 2020 10:17
*To:* 'incits-officers at standards.incits.org'
*Subject:* [incits-officers] UPDATED: Notice Regarding INCITS Meetings -
Now Virtual through December 31, 2020

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To INCITS Officers –

This notice is a follow up to previous correspondence of April 27th sent to
INCITS officers regarding meetings for INCITS Technical Committees, Task
Groups and Ad Hocs.

At their May 18, 2020 meeting, the INCITS Executive Board discussed the
current requirement for all INCITS meetings to be held virtually through
July 31, 2020. It was noted that there are currently several TCs that have
in-person or mixed-mode meetings on the calendar for later this year.

For the safety and health of all, and to allow adequate time for planning
and rescheduling, the Executive Board has extended the requirement that all
INCITS related meetings shall be virtual through to December 31, 2020.

Chairman are asked to ensure that their committee calendar details are
up-to-date to reflect this information.


As a reminder, the frequency of the virtual meetings should be such as to
allow committees to be productive and conduct business sufficient to meet
the workload. Please keep in mind the requirements for posting meeting
notices and agendas, as excerpted below from the INCITS Organization,
Polices and Procedures
5.1.2        Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda

Meeting notices for all IOEs, except Ad Hocs, shall be distributed no later
than four weeks prior to face-to-face meetings and no later than two weeks
prior to electronic meetings. All meeting notices shall be posted and
distributed using the committee calendar in ICMS. The draft agenda for all
IOEs, except Ad Hocs, shall be distributed no later than two weeks prior to
the meeting.

*Zoom Accounts – *

If your TC or TG has not been assigned a Zoom account so you can offer
dial-in meeting access, and you would like one, please contact the INCITS
Secretariat. Note: After May 30, only Zoom clients on version 5.0 or
higher, including Zoom Rooms, will be able to join Zoom Meetings. Those
attempting to  join a meeting with non-upgraded Zoom software will be
required to carry out the upgrade before joining meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact the INCITS Secretariat.


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