[J3] New J3 Discussion Board

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Mon Jul 27 17:27:56 EDT 2020

With J3 meetings being virtual, and time limited, this year and likely 
into next, we need a way to move online some of the work we do at 
physical meetings, so that it can get done between meetings. This will 
allow us to efficiently use Plenary time for voting on papers.

To facilitate this, I have set up a discussion board/forum on the J3 
site and hosted there - the URL is https://j3-fortran.org/forum/ and 
there is a new Discussions link in the J3 site header once you are 
logged in there. This board is visible only to those who have logins at 
j3-fortran.org, not to the general Internet. The idea is that discussion 
on this board takes the place of what we normally do when we "recess to 
subgroup" - develop and discuss draft papers (which you'll still use the 
subgroup folders under Meeting Files for), and then when papers are 
uploaded to the site (in the usual way), a new topic in the Papers forum 
should be created for discussions.

The forum software is phpBB and is completely hosted by me. The way I 
have set this up is that you visit the forum and log in to it, using the 
same credentials as you do for the main J3 site (it queries the main 
site's login database). Once authenticated, a new board user is created 
with the same username and email you use at the J3 site. You can choose 
to remain always logged in to the board if you want, as you can for the 
J3 site, though this aspect is tracked separately. If you are unfamiliar 
with discussion boards like this, click the ? button towards the lower 
right for help topics.

This is a new mode for us, but we need it if we have a hope of staying 
on schedule for 202X. Please let me know if you encounter any problems 
with the board. If you have suggestions for how to improve the 
organization, feel free to add a post about that in the Introduction 


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