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 I recommend against using the edit in paper
19-144 in the 202x standard.  That edit wasintended to be as small as possible for theinterp.  A better edit is possible for the202x standard.
The definition of a procedure pointer in18-0007r1 is
3.108.2procedure pointerprocedure with the EXTERNAL and POINTERattributes
A better definition is
procedure with the POINTER attribute
Any procedure with the POINTER attributeis a procedure pointer.  Any proceduredoes not have the POINTER attribute is nota procedure pointer.  The EXTERNAL
attribute adds nothing.  The presence orabsence of the EXTERNAL attribute does
affect which procedures can or cannot begiven the POINTER attribute.
I can write an edit paper for this change.The change is small, though it is largerthan the edit in 19-144.

Robert Corbett

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Hi folks,


Below is my list of papers with approved edits either for approved features or editorial. I went through all the papers back to meeting 218 (before that I believe we were still in F2018 mode).


If anyone thinks there is anything wrong with this list (a missing paper, or a paper is included that should not be, or I have not listed the most recent revision, or there is a paper before meeting 218 which needs to be applied), please let me know asap. Otherwise the wrongness will be included in the next 007 draft where it could be a lot harder to spot!


(If you don’t see anything wrong, no need to comment as I am proceeding on the assumption that having checked everything twice, it’s probably okay.)


Paper action list



1. Editorial



18-267 "Syntax errors in example codes"

19-115 "Making note of Statement Entities"

19-117 "Coarrays of type TEAM_TYPE"

19-143 "remaining block data subprogram"

19-144 "procedure pointer components"

19-162r1 "C_PTRDIFF_T"



19-165r1 "State that RECURSIVE has no semantics"

19-183r3 "Clarification of global identifier"

19-205 "Tweak wording in 19.4"



19-220r1 "Editorial fix to the description of REDUCE intrinsic"

19-233r1 "Minor editorial glitches"



20-100 "Editorial fix to Example for GET_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE intrinsic"

20-102r2 "FORM TEAM and failed images"

20-104r3 "Collective subroutines and STAT="

20-119 "Missing list items in 19.6.6"

20-123 "Edits for procedure pointer association"


2. Featural



19-137r2 "Specifications and Edits of AT" [this is US10]

19-138r1 "Specification and Edits for longer statements" [this is US01/US02]

19-139r1 "Specifications and Edits for log<n> & friends" [this is US06/US07/US08]

19-147r1 "SELECTED_LOGICAL_KIND" [this is US06/US07/US08]

19-149r1 "Require reports of ignorance" [this is US01/US02,]

19-156r1 "Control of leading zero in formatted numeric output" [this is US11]



XXXX Superseded 19-194r1 "C_F_POINTER modification for feature UK-01" do 19-238r1 instead.

19-195 "longer lines missing edit US01"

19-197r3 "Edits for C_F_STRPOINTER and F_C_STRING (US09)"

19-203r1 "Degree trigonometric functions (US04)"

19-204r1 "IEEE Circular trigonometric functions (US05)"



19-238r1 "C_F_POINTER modification for feature UK-01"

19-250r1 "US 12, arrays of coarrays"

19-254r2 "Edits for ISO_FORTRAN_STRINGS US03"

19-255r2 "Add reductions to DO CONCURRENT (US20)"

19-256r2, "US-23 Part 2, Standardizing use of BOZ constants"

19-259r1 "Edits for Put with Notify" [this is US13, and is missing from 20-010r1]



20-114r1 "Edits for TYPEOF and CLASSOF" [this is US16/17/18/24]

20-116r1 "Edits for SIMPLE procedures" [this is US15]

20-122r1 "Edits for US14 (auto-allocate characters)"

20-126r1 "Rank-agnostic allocation and pointer assignment Edits" [allegedly US16/17/18/24]




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.

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