[J3] Suggested editorial change

Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Sun Jul 19 02:48:02 EDT 2020

I was just looking at Table 16.1, as one does, and wincing at the ugly
continuation lines sometimes due to a long intrinsic name and other times
due to a long argument list, and wondering if it would look better than
instead of

*	Four columns "Procedure", "Arguments", "Class", "Description"

we had

*	Three columns "Procedure (arguments)", "Class", "Description"


I tried it out just on the SELECTED_whatever_KIND intrinsics, and indeed it
eliminated the ugly continuations, at the (minor?) cost of no longer having
the argument lists all line up.


I'm sure it would not eliminate all continuations, but...


...what do people think? Does this sound like a good idea?


For most entries this is easy - it just takes deleting the first ampersand
on the line, but entries that would still be continued may need a bit of
extra work to make the continuation indented. So maybe an hour or so of
editing time, depending on how fussy I get about the look of the result.


Of course we could go back to the original format if people decide after
seeing it that they don't like it after all.


Any and all comments welcome.




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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