[J3] List of passed papers with approved edits

Malcolm Cohen malcolm at nag-j.co.jp
Sun Jul 19 01:46:46 EDT 2020

Hi folks,


Below is my list of papers with approved edits either for approved features
or editorial. I went through all the papers back to meeting 218 (before that
I believe we were still in F2018 mode).


If anyone thinks there is anything wrong with this list (a missing paper, or
a paper is included that should not be, or I have not listed the most recent
revision, or there is a paper before meeting 218 which needs to be applied),
please let me know asap. Otherwise the wrongness will be included in the
next 007 draft where it could be a lot harder to spot!


(If you don't see anything wrong, no need to comment as I am proceeding on
the assumption that having checked everything twice, it's probably okay.)


Paper action list



1. Editorial



18-267 "Syntax errors in example codes"

19-115 "Making note of Statement Entities"

19-117 "Coarrays of type TEAM_TYPE"

19-143 "remaining block data subprogram"

19-144 "procedure pointer components"

19-162r1 "C_PTRDIFF_T"



19-165r1 "State that RECURSIVE has no semantics"

19-183r3 "Clarification of global identifier"

19-205 "Tweak wording in 19.4"



19-220r1 "Editorial fix to the description of REDUCE intrinsic"

19-233r1 "Minor editorial glitches"



20-100 "Editorial fix to Example for GET_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE intrinsic"

20-102r2 "FORM TEAM and failed images"

20-104r3 "Collective subroutines and STAT="

20-119 "Missing list items in 19.6.6"

20-123 "Edits for procedure pointer association"


2. Featural



19-137r2 "Specifications and Edits of AT" [this is US10]

19-138r1 "Specification and Edits for longer statements" [this is US01/US02]

19-139r1 "Specifications and Edits for log<n> & friends" [this is

19-147r1 "SELECTED_LOGICAL_KIND" [this is US06/US07/US08]

19-149r1 "Require reports of ignorance" [this is US01/US02,]

19-156r1 "Control of leading zero in formatted numeric output" [this is



XXXX Superseded 19-194r1 "C_F_POINTER modification for feature UK-01" do
19-238r1 instead.

19-195 "longer lines missing edit US01"

19-197r3 "Edits for C_F_STRPOINTER and F_C_STRING (US09)"

19-203r1 "Degree trigonometric functions (US04)"

19-204r1 "IEEE Circular trigonometric functions (US05)"



19-238r1 "C_F_POINTER modification for feature UK-01"

19-250r1 "US 12, arrays of coarrays"

19-254r2 "Edits for ISO_FORTRAN_STRINGS US03"

19-255r2 "Add reductions to DO CONCURRENT (US20)"

19-256r2, "US-23 Part 2, Standardizing use of BOZ constants"

19-259r1 "Edits for Put with Notify" [this is US13, and is missing from



20-114r1 "Edits for TYPEOF and CLASSOF" [this is US16/17/18/24]

20-116r1 "Edits for SIMPLE procedures" [this is US15]

20-122r1 "Edits for US14 (auto-allocate characters)"

20-126r1 "Rank-agnostic allocation and pointer assignment Edits" [allegedly




..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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