[J3] (SC22WG5.6264) J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #36 Response

Reuben D. Budiardja reubendb at ornl.gov
Fri Jul 3 16:38:41 EDT 2020

Yes  No   Number    Title

-Y-  ---  F18/015  Example in C.6.8 is wrong
-Y-  ---  F18/016  Host association changes in Fortran 2018
-C-  ---  F18/017  Final subroutine invocation order
-Y-  ---  F18/018  Public namelist and private variable

F18/017 Comment:
Although this interp fix issue with double finalization, it also allows 
a unintuitive order of finalization to be performed in certain situation 
that is processor dependent. A better fix, while desired by this 
committee member, may be to big for this interp. I hope this will be 
revisited before the next standard for consideration for a more thorough 

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