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The one exception could be papers relevant to generic programming, as the Data subcommittee is nominally trying to spend some fraction of its current effort on that longer goal.    But given that, plenary is probably not the appropriate forum even then.

- Tom

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Second, I would like to propose an addition to the agenda:

J3 GitHub proposals repository report        O. Certik

It would take about 5 min and an optional discussion (if there is interest, I can make it longer). It can be done on any day, Monday or Tuesday would both work.

Third, we will be submitting proposals for this meeting for the most popular ideas from the J3 GitHub repository, and we would like to get feedback from the committee on each of them. These will targeting 202y. I know that the main effort is to get 202x out, but I would like to propose if we can spend 5min of plenary time on each proposal. ..


Will the agenda for meeting 221 next month reflect the two proposals
by Ondřej, one to provide a report on the GitHub proposals repository

We usually schedule non-specific “tutorial” time in the agenda. That can be used for a report of this type.

and the other to submit papers toward Fortran 202Y

Our current responsibility is to get F202X in shape. 202Y stuff should be subordinate to that.


based on the
extensive feedback and vibrant exchange of ideas at the repository?
The agenda as currently posted at the J3 website does not list either
of these items.

I think it will be extremely valuable for Fortran if J3 can listen to
and collaborate with the online community at GitHub proposals
repository both of which can be served by accommodating Ondřej's ideas
toward the agenda.

Vipul Parekh

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