[J3] GitHub Proposals Review

Brad Richardson everythingfunctional at protonmail.com
Mon Feb 24 22:54:03 EST 2020

This would be great. The community would really like to see more interaction and feedback from the committee.

Brad Richardson

On Mon, 2020-02-24 at 19:25 -0800, Ondřej Čertík via J3 wrote:

> Dear Committee,
> We got about 4 proposals submitted from the wider Fortran user community. One has already been assigned and addressed. Tomorrow morning I'd like to spend 5 minutes of plenary time to gather feedback from the committee on the first of the remaining papers, namely:
> https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/20/20-107.txt
> After the 5 minutes of discussion we would like to do a non-binding straw vote whether the committee recommends to put this proposal for 202Y and include in:
> https://j3-fortran.org/doc/year/20/20-009.pdf
> The following days I'd like to do the same with the rest of the GitHub papers.
> Ondrej
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