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Bill Long longb at cray.com
Wed Apr 29 11:10:48 EDT 2020

Soo many postings it’s hard to pick one to reply to  But this one hit on some important issues...

> On Apr 29, 2020, at 3:31 AM, Malcolm Cohen via J3 <j3 at mailman.j3-fortran.org> wrote:
> > The community is on GitHub. 
> Well, *a* community is on GitHub. A substantial one even.

Agreed.  I would point out that some people have an aversion to, and concerns about,  products from Microsoft (of which GitHub is one, and Skype another).   Google and Facebook have acquired tarnished reputations  as well.  And don’t get the cyber security folks started about ZOOM. 

Also, some countries have an aversion to US facilities involved with nuclear weapons (Japan comes to mind, understandably).  As an example, we cannot install a system at (at least parts of) LANL that uses Fujitsu-made processors.  (Unfortunate, since their new ARM chips look very good. Hopefully an alternate ARM-SVE vendor will appear.)   Ties to Sandia would be similarly problematic.  However, some large US DoE labs, such as LBNL (Berkeley Lab), would be in the clear on this issue.

As an alternative, I suspect there would be less concern if off-line discussions could be facilitated through the J3 website.  This does not address concerns about such a mode of operation in general (of which several have been discussed in this thread), but at least the J3 website is something we control, and it avoids the issues mentioned above.   Of course, it is unfair to “volunteer” Stave to do work here, so such a path would require further discussion. 


> > I'm afraid I don't think this sweeping generalisation is productive, or fair.
> Neither is being told we’re not part of The community.
> Now, I don’t think this was the intended meaning of the first poster, but it was a natural and obvious interpretation, so I understand Anton’s poor reaction. Of course the committee has already started to take this “GitHub community” seriously, and welcomed its input. That welcome is absolutely *not* being withdrawn.
> However, at this point I am not convinced that GitHub should become the central way that committee work should be done, and I agree with Bill that switching over to it right away seems more like a revolution than evolution.
> > works just fine with teams spread over many timezones
> Well, no. it does not work “just fine” for in-depth discussions the way we have traditionally done with subgroups. GitHub and all other technological solutions do not in fact solve the basic timezone issues that Bill pointed out. Such technologies can certainly help, but they cannot do everything, and furthermore are not “neutral” in their effect – not everyone is comfortable *or effective* with them.
> Maybe in the end we will end up doing everything on GitHub, and maybe not. But for now, I would prefer that we “hasten slowly”.
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> ..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.

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