[J3] (SC22WG5.6182) [ukfortran] October meeting visa invitation letter

Nathan Sircombe Nathan.Sircombe at arm.com
Wed Apr 29 02:50:07 EDT 2020


I was under the impression that emojis were optional? Maybe I've been using it wrong all this time!

I'm afraid I don't think this sweeping generalisation is productive, or fair. What about all the Fortran projects developed work done on GitHub (GitLab / BitBucket / etc?). All form? No substance? This would be news to the people working on them.

Collaborative SW projects are done on platforms like these for a reason - it makes collaboration easier. It makes detailed review easier. Its provides a clear audit trail. Mistakes can be undone. Its' accessible. Its robust. It's (now) familiar to the community (of HPC / scientific software (and compiler and library) developers). It allows people to work in parallel. It works just fine with teams spread over many timezones... I could go on.
These are, on the whole, things which seam desirable to have for the way we conduct standards business? Just jumping straight over to the existing J3 GitHub project probably isn't the right thing to do. But a serious consideration of what a platform like GitHub has to offer, and the progress that the current GitHub project represents, seems like the natural first step to working up a solution that meets the committee's requirements, both long standing ones, and those thrown into stark relief by the current situation and inevitable move towards more remote work.


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    > The community is on GitHub.

    which community?
    those who like coloured buttons and emojis?
    who prefer form to substance?
    good luck to them


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