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> (3) ISO/JTC1 Directives (have you looked at these?) state:
> [snip]
> A national body [i.e. INCITS in your case] becomes involved only to
> confirm notional support for a candidate who has been provisionally
> appointed by SC22

You're correct about that.

However, INCITS, the US National Body, has its own regulations for its
members about who is allowed to run for ISO roles. Specifically, they
must go through a nomination process.

INCITS Policies and Procedures Section 7.13
> The Executive Board is responsible for making recommendations
> to ANSI on U.S. Candidates to serve as JTC 1 and ISO TC officers.
> Candidate appointments shall be considered through a nomination
> process.

Other National Bodies may not have those regulations, and may allow
anyone in their National Body to run for ISO officer roles. However,
Ondřej is a member of the INCITS, and we require an internal
nominating process.

INCITS PL22.3 [0] put out a call for candidates for the US nomination
for WG5 convener a few weeks ago [1].

> (2) The letter to the INCITS Director is irrelevant.  INCITS is
>     concerned with the administration of committees, not with the
>     technical ability of committee members.

INCITS requires the following four documents from any candidate for an
an international officer nomination [2]:

0.) A CV including a statement of experience, indicating the volunteer's
expertise in the committee's program of work, voluntary standards efforts,
committee experience and leadership abilities.

1.) A statement indicating that the volunteer's organization is a member in
good standing of the associated US TAG.

2.) A statement of management support for a three-year term on company
letterhead acknowledging the additional workload, financial resources and

3.) A statement indicating whether or not the candidate is a representative
of a US National Interested Party[3].

That's why Ondřej provided that information.

Here's what happens next:

0.) First, after the call closes, INCITS will issue an advisory ballot
for the US nomination for WG5 convener to PL22.3.

1.) Then, INCITS conducts an advisory ballot for the US nomination for
WG5 convener among the US SC22 Steering Committee, the group that
funds the Secretariat for ISO SC22 (which is the parent body of WG5).

2.) Next, the INCITS Executive Board conducts a ballot for the US
nomination for WG5 convener. This ballot is non-advisory and
determines the US candidate for convener.

3.) Then, the US nominee, and any nominees from other national bodies
participating in WG5, are submitted to WG5 for consideration, and a
ballot is conduct.

I'm a little fuzzy on the process for last step; I'm most familiar
with the INCITS part of the process.

[0] INCITS PL22.3 == J3. PL22.3 is the formal name these day for the
INCITS Task Group responsible for Fortran; previously, it was called

[1] I've attached it to this email.

[2] INCITS Policies and Procedures Section 7.13, bullet 3.

[3] U.S. National Interested Party: Either an employee of a company
doing business in the US, an US local/state/federal government
employee, or a US citizen. The full definition can be found in the
INCITS Policies and Procedures Section 3.10 or in the ANSI
International Procedures Section 1.1

INCITS Policies and Procedures:
ANSI International Procedures:

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash
US Programming Language Standards (PL22) Chair
ISO C++ Library Evolution Chair
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