[J3] Running for WG5 Convenor

Gary Klimowicz gklimowicz at nvidia.com
Tue Apr 21 13:55:13 EDT 2020

There is a lot to commend in your platform, Ondřej.

I think it will be important for the future of Fortran in the technical community for us to achieve the goals you outlined.

We have to become more engaged with the technical community.

We need to do a better job of ensuring the future of Fortran meets the demands of high-performance computing.

We need to have good understanding of the implementation consequences of the changes we propose for the language.

And we need to continue to bring on new members who can help contribute to this work.

I'm also very appreciative of your work on the committee and your external engagement efforts, like the issue tracker on GitHub and your communication of the J3 activities there.

Ondřej, NVIDIA supports this platform and your efforts.

NVIDIA representative to PL22.3; member of ISO SC22/WG5

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I would like to announce that I am running for the WG5 Convenor position. See my
blog post for a high level background:


and in particular see my platform and experience document, also linked in the
blog post, that describes the issues as I see them and how I propose to work
with the Committee to address them as a WG5 Convenor:


As I mention in the platform, I would be happy to discuss any details of the
platform with anybody, please feel free to contact me (email, phone, video call,
etc.) to talk privately, or we can discuss here publicly. I will also be
contacting every member of the J3 committee to provide a venue for discussion.

Looking forward,
Ondrej Certik
Los Alamos National Laboratory
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