[J3] Running for WG5 Convenor

Steve Lionel steve at stevelionel.com
Tue Apr 21 13:28:29 EDT 2020

Ondrej was kind enough to let me know yesterday that he planned to run 
for the WG5 Convenorship. I had previously submitted my intention to run 
for a second term to INCITS. While I have not prepared a "platform" 
document, my CV is available at https://stevelionel.com/SteveLionelCV.pdf

Here is the INCITS process for nominating a US candidate for Convenor. 
(Ondrej and I are both US Candidates):

    7.13 Nomination of U.S. Candidates to Serve as ISO TC and JTC 1 Officers

    The Executive Board is responsible for making recommendations to
    ANSI on U.S. Candidates to serve as
    JTC 1 and ISO TC officers. Candidate appointments shall be
    considered through a nomination process.

    Where the U.S. intends to nominate a U.S. candidate for an
    international officer position, the following
    steps shall be used:

    1. The INCITS Secretariat issues a call for candidates.

    2. The call goes out to:
    a) Executive Board members; and
    b) members of the corresponding U.S. TAG.

    3. A statement of experience, indicating the candidate’s expertise
    in the assigned program of work and
    in voluntary standards efforts; the candidate’s committee experience
    and leadership experience; a
    statement of management support acknowledging the additional
    workload, financial resources and
    duties required of an officer over and above that of a participant;
    and a statement that the
    candidate is a U.S. National Interested Party.

    4. Upon the close of the call, the INCITS Secretariat submits the
    slate of candidates to the appropriate
    U.S. TAG for its endorsement, which is then forwarded to the INCITS

    5. The INCITS Secretariat issues an Executive Board LB with all of
    the candidates listed along with the
    results from the U.S. TAG ballot.

    6. Prior to the completion of the process detailed above, U.S. TAGs
    shall not make a commitment to
    provide a candidate. They may, if appropriate, accept invitations to
    provide a candidate at a later

    7. ANSI shall be requested to provide information on the expiration
    of terms of office or of any vacancies as they arise. It should be
    noted that the responsible U.S. TAGs should inform the INCITS
    Secretariat in a "timely" fashion of pending expirations, vacancies,
    resignations, potential new offices, etc. for which the U.S. should
    consider a nomination or endorsement.

    8. Nominees for Chair or Convenor positions shall be representatives
    of voting members in Good Standing of the appropriate U.S. TAG.


The candidate selected by the Executive Board Letter Ballot then goes to 
ISO for a country vote - other National Bodies may have nominated 
candidates as well.

Ordinarily, we would have had the US TAG meeting at the June meeting in 
Minneapolis. Since that was canceled, and our next J3 meeting isn't 
until October, I expect that the US TAG will need to call a virtual 
meeting before then to vote on an endorsement. (The call for volunteers 
ends April 30.) Note that the US TAG is a subset of J3. As with plenary 
votes, the TAG vote is one per principal member.


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