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Hi Bill,


> Type locktype has a component of type lock_type (obviously). A subobject is just a part of an object that can be referenced (3.141), so the component is clearly a subobject of x. So, could you explain how the word “potential” makes the statement above true? 

Two things here:

1.	The component is not a subobject of X except in pointer association contexts. The word “subobject” cannot be applied to types, only to objects, we have other terms that can be applied to types.
2.	“potential subobject component” is a defined term that applies to types as well as objects. It explicitly excludes pointer components.


> Having something pointer associated with a coarray does not make the pointer itself a coarray. Only being declared to be a coarray (having a codimension) makes something a coarray. 


Well yeah, that’s what I said – there’s no rule saying X has to be a coarray, and I noted that X%Q is not a coarray.


There is no requirement in LOCK that the lock variable has to be a coarray.



..............Malcolm Cohen, NAG Oxford/Tokyo.


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