[J3] Numbering scheme of J3 meetings

Vipul Parekh parekhvs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 15:27:50 EDT 2019

Is there a particular reason for sequential numbering for J3 meetings?
 Do the current numbers e..g, m219 and m220 hold a particular (and
perhaps sacrosanct) significance?

Why not number them 19.2, 19.3 (or 19-1, 19-3; or 2019.2, 2019.3;
etc.), meaning something mnemonic to make it easier to recall and
relate to the meetings in a given year?

Same with papers: why 19-227.txt as the next likely paper for the
upcoming m220 as a continuation of the numbering from prior 2019
meetings?  Why not 19.3-8.txt to signify 8th paper at the 3rd J3
meeting in 2019, or some such relatable scheme?

Vipul Parekh

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